I just noticed that a few people had been to this page expecting to find a few sentences about me. All those roving eyes discovered was a standard WordPress suggestion that I stash a few comments about myself in this metaphorical space.


My standard comment begins with something about my being on disability in the wake of a nasty bout of seizures having been stashed away in my left temporal lobe. Now no longer fully true for over 10 years following a temporal lobectomy I’m doing splendidly, in spite of losing a little too much of my short-term memory potential.

Casting all of that aside, let’s launch off into my struggling with being the dad of a 25 year old daughter who’s taught around the world. Still the father of a son who took his life. And a man who’s been considering and playing with the idea of going monastic. Mix all of that together with a fractured ladle in a leaky clay vessel and you have an idea of how I feel about all of this.

So strewn about my life are an array of occasions pushing me to the edge. Oh, a share of you haven’t seen other postings I’ve put out about my doing emergency psychiatric interventions. So think about this. I’ve gone out with or called SWAT to my aid. Once I had a client put a knife to my throat. I even got to go out with the Secret Service before dignitaries came to town. All of those went along with the usual humdrum 50 minute sessions, coffee and potty breaks.


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