Questioning Confidence

True to form, I know both this confidence and a questioning of things. Occasionally, I’ve known confidence in myself, while, most of the time and typically below everyone’s radar, I question myself. Over my years, I have steadily learned a harmony between my confidence and self-questioning.

10675509_10152583422212621_3239365316713853228_n Learning, in all cases, means to practice. By doing so we enlarge self. As implied, questions underpin self-assurance by opening our eyes to unnoticed potholes, or badger holes hidden in tall grass. Confidence requires a willingness to, not only, question how they see things but to question ourselves.

To question is not to disprove that idiot’s stance nor our own. A question is to open and not to slam a door in someone’s face. A question aimed at or away from yourself must be an encouragement to be honest and look beyond how I see the truth.

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