Mulling over caskets

Mom carried the weight of all decisions, while my sister and I walked around the Carpenter Breland Funeral Home‘s display of caskets. Dad had died just a little after 5, yesterday morning and 6, or so, hours later we were looking at boxes for his body. I don’t think, I can find simple words to convey my ease at being in that large room with a dozen or so empty containers, all displayed as sales pitches.

Battersbys funeral casketsTim, the director, was easy to deal with and willing to let mom take her sweet time. Even with the well practiced sales pitch in his voice, I was comfortable. Mom was, of course, stressed beyond being emotionally stable and yet found her way through it all. Having gone through this just over 5 years ago, for my son, I was more at ease than expected. Add to this what it is like to leave things in mom’s hands but willing to pick up on anything she might need and you have a marvelous couple of hours.

Now, there were several stumbles as we walked through yesterday day, since witnessing my fathers death. Needless to say, a few squabbles happened and my sister drove past a turn or two. On top of those, mom and I didn’t sleep. Instead, she began, as suggested, by calling the mortuary and from there we traipsed on to do some necessary shopping. In spite of the sleep lost on top of losing dad, we made it through the day in marvelous shape.

Yes, we were exhausted, since we had all been rousted from our beds by a quarter after two, yesterday morning and finally were able to get back to bed around 8-9pm, last night. This morning mom was up, as usual, a little after 3am and felt great. Her being able to sleep 6 to 7 hours is a treasure trove, for her. A couple of hours later, I crawled out feeling the weight of yesterday, lifted from my back. My sister, Marla, slept a good amount of time further into the morning, but awoke bright and cheery. So, this day has been a godsend and I’m grateful for it.


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