How often has a prayer of repentance been to own the sin but nothing more? repentance-2-large

Admitting a mistake is essential and it is only the beginning of a long road. My repenting of a moment’s anger has nothing to do with that classic thought of, “Okay, God’s forgiven my wrong.” Only by taking that little wrong in hand and recognizing it’s being a single link in a long and broad array of other parts of my life’s struggles can repentance begin becoming true.

As I begin the process of recognizing my sins, mistakes and unconscious but intentional wrongs am I touching the surface of repentance. My, and I suspect all of our, major sins are treating that classic act of repentance as the conclusion rather than as a repetitive starting point.

I repent, so much of the time, for the same things. Those are, always, shaped a little differently because my impatience expresses itself across so many different situations. I am certain you know your own expressions of this kind of a problem. I do not need to isolate on each time it pops out as an independent sin. Rather, I have the task of seeing each occurrence as another step in living out the same thing and so an acknowledgment that I don’t see the whole picture. I have not been defeated by recognizing another facet of the same problem or just simply repeating it, I am learning to flesh out what was never a singularity. Only then can I keep at fleshing out my repentance.


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