Basil the Great: “For angry persons are first ignorant of themselves”

Dover Beach

Basil the Great

“Because of anger tongues are unbridled and lips are unguarded; unrestrained hands, outrages, reproaches, slanders, blows, and other such things that cannot be numbered, are offspring of the passions of anger and temper.

Through temper also a sword is sharpened; a human hand dares to kill a human being.

Through this brothers have become ignorant of each other, and parents and children have forgotten their natural bond.

For angry persons are first ignorant of themselves, then indeed of all their friends as well.

For as mountain torrents rushing together toward the valleys sweep away whatever is in their path, so the violent and ungovernable attacks of angry peo­ ple likewise sweep through everything.

Those whose temper is aroused respect neither gray hairs, nor virtuous life, nor close kin­ ship, nor favors previously received, nor anything else worthy of honor.

Temper is a kind of short-lived insanity.

Often they even rush…

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