thumbs-down1I’m not rejecting your imaginary god, ” has been voiced by none of my friends. I do mean friends and nothing less! Across my years, many of those who were also peers, kept themselves at more than a distance from the Church. In their eyes, they were not rejecting God, but rather, our personal and corporate amalgam of conflictual self-righteousness. From decades past right to this moment, I have yet to hear an atheist or agnostic friend suggest there was something about me or the rest of us hinting at what they needed.

rejection-handA few, of my friends, had donned the garb of today’s Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins years before either were well known. None, of those friends, ever accomplished getting those “religious” people to peer past their certainty it was Jesus being presenting. My atheist friends have kept at the same mistake ‘we’ tend to make. They keep to the argument rather than pointing past it and so at us, saying, “I see nothing in you making me want your fraud!”


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