A tangled web we weave,…

07693v…When first we practice to deceive.  ~ Sir Walter Scott

You and I are actively guilty of deception, every day. We deceive ourselves and each other. We do this both consciously and unconsciously. Our love and hatred, guilt and innocence, fear and confidence are so often concoctions of motivations, most of which are not conscious.

…a tangle of two-way arrows and feedback loops connect our religions, our societies and our minds.  ~  Benjamin Grant Purzycki
sullivanBenjamin voiced in his article something which my fellow Christians do not own into. We do no honour to that tangled web of history, replete with fears, joy, disappointments, elations and so much more. Too much of a lie is invested in selling our structures of faith and relationships! Far too little blood, sweat and tears are shed by us as we live out the very things we call everyone else toward.


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