I’ve kind of settled in

IMG_1279I hope those few who give this page some attention will pardon my spending too much time walking the pastures I grew up riding so many years ago. Today, I don’t have the luxury of being on horseback while looking over grassland I still cherish. So then, to trod through those hills draws up sweaty and freezing times I spent out here and still love what I had done over 30 years ago.

sniffI harbored no grudge about my choice to make a deep change in my life. Over the past month, we’ve seen a couple of light snows that brought up memories from years past of our Australian Shepherds accompanying me out into snow covered pastures. My goal was to break ice off the cattle tanks, check the windmills and to try and eye every cow and calf, during calving season in the late winter into early spring. Those dogs were more intent on just checking those intriguing scents I never had any idea of.

IMG_1223As I have been walking around the 1,2oo acres that still belong to the family I have also been watching a nest high in an old tree. Across the past few weeks I’ve noticed a couple of hawks circling far above me and occasionally crying out. It was until two or so days ago I was about a third toward half a mile away that I spotted something I’d been hoping would prove true. High up in this old tree there was a sliver of rusty color poised in it. My hopes were high and finally proved true. I was gifted with the delight of knowing those two I’d noticed before are nesting there. Perhaps I’ll be delighted later as I discover chicks up there.


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