…if you do not forgive your debtor…

Evagrios the Solitary“Learn from the man who owed the ten thousand talents that, if you do not forgive your debtor, you yourself will not be forgiven. For it is said, ‘He delivered him to the tormentors’…”  ~  Evagrios the Solitary


Before trying to draw out an apology or any other related things from someone else, begin recognizing your own need to apologize to them. You and I may not have done much of anything to most of those and it would be best, if they said, “I’m sorry.” Like you, I’ve known, so many times over during the day, feeling offended by so many little inconveniences. My problem and definitely your’s, as well, is our giving little to no attention to how often we, minorly, disrupt others walks through the day.

So then, begin with me at learning to live out that simple piece of advice Evagrios the Solitary repeats from Scripture.


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