Marcelo Gleiser

imgresMost of us have been pulled up short. Any one giving you that askance glance prompts common feelings and thoughts. Being pulled up short by a friend, peer or boss breeds further self-questioning. Your responses can deepen the tensions between you and the other. Often we give to those negative feelings and standing taller meaning only to defend ourselves.

Marcelo Gleiser

Marcelo Gleiser

Marcelo Gleiser is an excellent example, from outside our box, of managing our being contested in any fashion. As he points out in the Prologue of “The Island of Knowledge“, “Some people, including many of my fellow scientist friends, consider this view of knowledge to be a downer….” His suggesting that our knowledge base will always be incomplete is politely put, disquieting to many scientists and more of us. In similar fashions, those of us following the Risen Christ are increasingly being cast aside. Not usually because we’ve done something amiss, but just because of our holding to the Creator.

Like him, we have taken a stance which is in opposition to what is increasingly popular, while never being essentially unpopular.

Our having no empirically valid means of proving any part of our walk with God, likewise, has similar responses given to Gleiser as he suggests that science will never generate final and complete to anything, “If we are never going to get to a final answer, what’s the point of trying?”

His sharing a style of response common to him, “And how do you know you are right, anyway…”, strikes an indistinguishable cord in me.

6a00d8341d3f5053ef0120a5cc8c5c970b-500wiAs Dr. Gleiser says, “…it should be obvious that our approach is fundamentally limited in scope. This realization should open doors, not close them, since it makes the search for knowledge and open-ended pursuit, an endless romance with the unknown.” His words feel like they are in tune with my own approach toward the Triune One. Just as there is a difference between my having, literally, known my son before his suicide and having celebrated being with my son the same is true in our walk with the Spirit. I am in no need of a one-on-one connection between what I think of God and what I experience walking with that One.

My having a limited capacity to take in all that God is doesn’t doesn’t quell my desire to walk with the Spirit. Rather, it quickens my pace! I move faster and deeper, not relinquishing that intellectual side of me, but by allowing that part of me keyed into relationships to call the essential shots.


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