“But the questi…

“But the question that intrigued me even more, I realized after my book came out, was: why choose to be good?” ~ Michael Krasny

Michael Krasny

Michael Krasny

I found pleasure in reading Krasny’s work, “Spiritual Envy: an Agnostic’s Quest”. Time spent winding my way through an agnostics work meant to convey his conflicts spoke well of my own history. His preferring the friction within himself rather than moving in either of the two directions touched me deeply. Unlike him, though, my trouble lies not in believing or disbelieving in atheism or religion. Both are a natural creation arising among us. Neither uniformly denies or claims God. Both focused on their own group and those groups who do not belong see only what fits. Each, unknowingly, force their images of God into what acceptances of their own and denials of others stances demands. It is God I see being left out of the whole argument.



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