the Angelic Life

Maximos the Confessor

Maximos the Confessor

I love and adore these simple words from St. Maximus the Confessor ~ “He who loves God lives the angelic life on earth, fasting and keeping vigils, praying and singing psalms and always thinking good of every man.”

Being one of those engaged in this trying and seemingly endless endeavor, He has been slowly overrunning all of my assiduously attempted aspirations! Every turn I have made essentially had been built on those sands of that self I had learned to be. Making that ‘me’ over in relationship with our Creator is unfitting to how I had learned to be. My deepest challenge is learning to let go of the me I had learned, letting this relationship I have been seeking to slowly envelope me. Powerful beyond my imagination are those means of accomplishing a subtle end.

Drawing me back to what I’d been taught decades ago in Bible School,, I know that simple stance.

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