Stop struggling to cease sinning

Cease struggling to not sin.

Cease running from your sins.

Cease fighting with those thoughts which bind you to what you want no part of.

Begin learning to turn your attention away from those common things you’ve known all your lives.

Begin learning to keep your eyes on the One you want.

Begin learning to focus on the Voice calling you.

Begin learning to desire the Triune Persons calling you.

It is the same thing as learning to play baseball, cook, change a diaper, fix barbed wire fences, or do psych-evaluation in an emergency room. By keeping your attention on your mistakes, your fears and apprehension you guaranty your failure. Turning your attention to keeping the front of the diaper up on your little boy while wiping his bottom keeps both of you from being wet on!diapers

Knowing you can change his diaper by making one simple tweak in the order of getting the dirty one off makes all the difference in the world. The same is true in repentance. Learning to turn your attention to the forgiveness, primarily, like keeping the front of his diaper covering him keeps you from being peed on can also put aside your feeling drenched in sins.


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