This morning John Sanidopoulos posted Fourth Century Texts Reveal True Bride of Christ. What snagged my attention wasn’t the reminder of how we’ve seen our Risen Saviour but it’s contrast with another article. A few days ago in the Harvard Gazette I found “Suggestion of a married Jesus: Ancient papyrus shows that some early Christians believed he wed” Of course this one was quickly picked up and spread far and wide with giggles, from some.

Toward the end of Harvard Gazette’s article, Dr. King made clear the real struggles among “believers” in deciding both how to walk with the One and who the frauds are. Just as we are seeing now and has always been true people tend to keep themselves distracted from Him through family bickering. Fighting over who real family  are, over against those pretenders, at least in my experience, has always been seated in one version or another of pride.

The question, while valid looses it’s validity by being made more important than a consistent keeping our eyes turned inward. Not in self-preoccupation but in that joyful weeping over a constantly developing awareness of desires to draw closer to that Living One. Knowing, at the same time, a need to deal with a self-destructive, self-esteem.

S0 far, I’ve only seen this and too many other arguments as sadly successful distractions. Arguments distracting us from an evolving walk with the Christ beside each other into distorted pride.


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