Hesychios the Priest

Much of the time our walk with God requires simple and persistent refusals. Refusing to seek a peek in the frig, let your lips and tongues form words even though those have been stomping around upstairs, or dwelling a little too long on a picture are, at times, tense moments. Pushing on through such does make keeping the nous toward the front easier! Better able, because of practicing this ‘no’, we adapt to the moment by not pick up things a bag of M&M’s from the store which sets the tone for living out a host of other spiritual endeavors.

“When we have to some extent cut off the causes of the passions, we should devote our time to spiritual contemplation; for if we fail to do this we shall easily revert to the fleshly passions, and so achieve nothing but the complete darkening of our intellect and its reversion to material things.” – On Watchfulness and Holiness, Philokalia, vol. #1 pg. 165.


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