I am grateful

Thank you Deacon Paul for Awarding the Illuminating Blogger Award to my page!

In honor of your kindness, I am honoring the following bloggers.

Nothing Hypothetical (David, I pray you do catch sight of this!)

helluo librorum  (Teresa, you have wonderfully voiced much about writing that excites me)

Milk & Honey  (Your frequent quotes from the Church Fathers and beyond draw my attention most every day)

Vikram Roy’s blog (I have followed you via another page and still decided to honor you from this one)

Lux ex Obscuritas (David thanks for the frequent bits on Sci-Fi works)

Now, Deacon Paul, here are the seven Award required “interesting things” I am supposed to divulge about myself:

1) I kind of like doing those menial tasks, especially for mom & dad. Yesterday, my dull task was to pull up dozens of Mexican sand burrs along their walk. My brother, Brad and I were out their yesterday helping them.

2) Keeping things tidier while my daughter is living with me than I would when I’m living by myself.

3) Playing with words, intent on bringing about minor grimaces is something only good friends understand with me.

4) An old buddy of mine, who like me also did levels of intense psychiatric emergency work and interventions sits in coffee shops with me debating those diagnostic impressions we’ve heard about people like James Holmes.

5) My reading from the Philokalia constantly complains to me about not getting more time than the time I spend reading things like the Economist and Scientific American.

6) My daughter’s boyfriend tells us that my cat, Isis, acts too much like a dog. She’s too friendly.

7) I think I’m driving my semi Abbot, Fr. Meletios nuts.


3 thoughts on “I am grateful

  1. Well done! Keep on reading the Philokalia, everyday if you can. A wonderful book to bolster that effort is Prayer of the Heart by Fr. George Maloney, S.J., published by Ave Maria Press, in 1983; and another is Philokalia – The Eastern Christian Spiritual texts in one volume, translated by G.E.H. Palmer, and others printed by Sky Light Paths (2006). Best wishes for continued success.

    • Thanks for your reply! I read “Prayer of the Heart” over 20 years ago. Have you caught sight of Arthur Vogel’s “Body Theology: God’s Presence in Man’s World”. There is only one volume of the Philokalia that I do not have in my possession and it is, as yet, not in English.

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