Using God

“So many are busy “using” God.  Use God to get a job.  Use God to give us safety.  Use God to give us peace of mind.  Use God to obtain success in business. Use God to provide heaven at last.

“Brethren, we ought to learn—and learn it very soon— that it is much better to have God first and have God Himself even if we have only a thin dime than to have all the riches and all the influence in the world and not have God with it!”  –  A. W. Tozer, “I talk back to the Devil”, pg. 38


2 thoughts on “Using God

  1. You bring up an excellent point, David. I too have found that many shortchange their Christian life by confusing “petitioning” with “using” God for selfish gain; rather than resting, trusting, and expressing a faith-filled dependence, appreciation, and love.

    That is not to say that I have not done the same from time-to-time. Fortunately God continues to instruct, correct, and work in me.

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