How I want to shape my life is my main resistance to God’s love.

In this single sentence lies the most perplexing thread I have through the Philokalia. After all, our passions are to be calmed, cooled and collected. Yet those are the energies advocated in much of our culture. Commercials, let alone movies, are designed to tickle our feelings, bringing about an array of needed actions from people. Our relationships make feelings necessary. Relationships feed and starve all the dimensions of our feelings. Without actively participating in the world feelings how are we supposed to develop a life?

Diadochos of Photiki said, “Love alone among the virtues can confer dispassion on the soul, for ‘love is the fulfilling of the law’ (Rom. 13:10).” Philokalia, “On Spiritual Knowledge and Discrimination”, Vol. 1, pg. 288, #90. His words do not mesh well with how I learned to set the issue. While, I know personally and professionally the reality of what I wrote above, I have, also, begun the adventure into dispassion.

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